5 Year Warranty

Unless otherwise stated:

Parts and materials will be warranted from the date of invoice for 5 years or 60,000 miles which ever occurs first.

Or the mileage or length of time stipulated by the provider/ manufacturer of those parts and materials used.

Hall brothers will repair or replace free of charge any faulty or defective parts deemed to be faulty by the manufacturer or by ourselves on the work carried out.

Warranty may not be offered on specific types of work. This will be made clear to the customer at the time of booking the vehicle into the body shop for repairs to commence.

The warranty becomes void if the vehicle has been abused or damaged by corrosion, hasn’t been maintained correctly in line with manufacturers guidelines, neglected, or due to fair wear and tear. Warranty will be void if the vehicle is used for racing or competitions.

Your statutory rights under the supply of goods and services act of 1982 isn’t affected by the above terms.